Friday, February 3, 2017

Little Fox Valentine Treat Boxes

Little Fox Valentine Treat Boxes

Last fall I shared a Little Fox Treat Box that I created.  This time, I changed up the colors, added some hearts, and created these Valentine versions! Here is the link to the previous box with all the directions: Click here

Finished size is 4 x 5 inches and is 1-1/2 inches deep (at the bottom, tapering up). The face acts as the flap to open the box, and is held closed with either a magnet or Velcro dot under the nose.  If you are giving these to children, you will want to use the self-adhesive Velcro dots instead of magnets. The Velcro dots are easier to attach, but the flap is a little harder to open than using magnets.

Which little Valentine fox is your favorite, pink or blue?!

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