Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Leprechaun Gift Bag w/ Handle

I made this cute little leprechaun gift bag for a "lucky" little lass! The bag is very easy to make, using an 8 x 11 piece of heavweight cardstock. Finished bag is 4" wide by 4-1/2" high without handle, and approximately 8 inches high with the handle. See instructions below.

I added some small holiday themed items from Dollar Tree inside along with some gold foil wrapped candies and that's it!

Instructions for Bag:
1. Cut a piece of heavyweight green cardstock to 8 x 11 inches.
2. On the 11 inch side, score at 4-1/2" and 6-1/2".
3. Turn cardstock to the 8 inch side and score at 2 inches on both sides.
4. Fold on score lines and cut up on the score lines on the 2 middle sections. 
5. Attach adhesive tape or glue to sides and fold up, making the bag.
6. Cut a 1-1/4 x 11 inch handle from green cardstock. Curl slightly with a bone folder. 
7. Punch holes on both ends of the handle piece and on each side of the box.
8. Attach handle with gold colored brads.
9. For the belt, cut a 1 inch wide piece of black cardstock and fit around front and sides of bag. Glue in place. It's easiest to cut a long piece, dry fit, and then trim before gluing in place. 
10. Cut a faux buckle from a label punch. I punched out a 1" square from gold cardstock and then punched around that with the label punch. Attach to belt.
11. Add a thin strip of green cardstock down the middle for a shirt effect and then add punched out small circles in gold cardstock for the buttons. 
12. Decorate the bag as desired! Tie on a tag or do whatever you like! I made the clover using 3 punched out hearts and then hand cut the stem. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!