Friday, July 8, 2016

Birthday Flip Book

I have fallen in LOVE with "flip books!" They were originally created for pen pal letters or "snail mail," but I have turned them into birthday books. They are so much fun to put together and the possibilities are literally endless! You can add flip-ups, flip-outs, etc. to your heart's content! The ones I have made so far are for teenagers, so I added some old pictures behind some of the flipped pages and added a pocket for a gift card or money inside! It's kind of like a scavernger hunt for the gift! No money just falling out of a card. It's a little adventure! Here are some views of the inside of the "book."

There are many videos on You Tube about making these flip books. The ones I like the best use 6x6 pieces of patterned paper. If you use a good quality double-sided paper I think it works better than trying to adhere two pieces of single sided paper together to make a double-sided look. It is less bulky using the actual double-sided paper. The pages are attached together using washi tape. I did have to glue some of mine down because it wasn't sticking real well, but this really wasn't a big problem. It is a great way to use a suite of coordinating papers, tapes, stickers, etc. The ones I used in this book are from the "Retro Fresh This and That" collection from Stampin' Up (2014), which is now retired. It was really fun to go through my stash and find coordinating pieces to use in the book.

I hope you give the flip book a try if you haven't already. Here are a few links to You Tube videos I like that have good instruction on how to make the flip book. Have fun! (by Filizlovespaper) (by Scrapdivia29)

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