Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birthday Tower

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday was my grandson's 15th birthday. He was a New Year's baby in 2001. I made this birthday tower for him as a gift. I have seen similar can cakes and candy cakes on Pinterest, but I combined the two into one "cake." It actually turned out more like a tower than a cake.

I started with a 10-12 inch round platter I purchased from Dollar Tree. It needs to be sturdy and not flimsy. I attached six short cans of root bear to the platter with duct tape underneath the cans. I inserted a can of Pringles in the center to have a base to attach the other elements to. Around the Pringles can, I added four boxes of theater style candy boxes, one on each side. I used an extra large rubber band to hold the boxes to the Pringles can. From there I started inserting candy bars and small packages of cookies until the rubber band was tight. On top of the Pringles can I attached a tub of miniature cookies. Again, I used rolled up duct tape. I added curled ribbon (purchased from Dollar Tree) to the sides and attached a birthday hat also purchased at Dollar Tree to the top of the cookie tub using glue dots. I cut numbers with my Cricut and attached those to the hat. I then started inserting folded up dollar bills around the tower. Since my grandson is 15 I used 15 one dollar bills. I also inserted a gift card and attached a baby picture of him with a small clothespin. I tied a wide ribbon around the center to hide the rubber band and added a few miniature Reese's peanut butter cups around the bottom of the platter to fill in between the cans.

This really went together a lot faster than I anticipated. I had it finished in about 30 minutes. I think the longest process was collecting all the items for the tower. You can certainly customize yours with whatever candy, soda and cookies you would like. He liked it, so if he is any indication, I think it would be a great gift for a teenager.

Here are some other close-up photos:

My supply list:

10-12 inch sturdy platter
6-pack soda cans
1 can Pringles
1 tub miniature cookies
4 boxes theater style candy
8 or more full size candy bars
4-6 packages cookies
handful miniature Reese's cups or similar small candies
curling ribbon
party hat
money and/or gift card
duct tape
glue dots

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