Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paper Beach Bag

I think I've turned into a "bag lady"! I've been making bags for the last couple of weeks. I can't show the other bags I made until after Mother's Day, so come back then to see those. This is a "beach bag". You can find the instructions at:
This bag will hold A2 sized cards easily. Finished size is 6 x 6. The instructions do not call for an inside band, but on real beach bags there is so I added it for strength and because I thought it needed a finishing touch. I also added the "monogram." I might also add that the ribbon measurement in the instructions is off. It calls for one yard of ribbon, but I found it takes about 6 inches more than that. Just dry fit the ribbon before you cut it to see how much you think it needs. Give it a try and check back next week for the other bags I've made and the instructions for those.

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